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Woodstock Chimes Windsinger Chimes of Athena - Silver

Woodstock Chimes


The Silver Woodstock Chimes Chimes of Athena have the highest tone of the Windsinger series. Fashioned after the original designs of Stephen Burnham, the look of the Woodstock Chimes Chimes of Athena is boldly elegant and the sound is irresistibly beautiful. The tubes are made from extra thick-walled, specially-suspended aluminum tubes. These chimes resonate much longer than any other chimes, producing enduring harmonies that are beyond compare.

Listen to the Windsinger Chimes of Athena here.

The Woodstock Chimes of Athena was selected by The Creativity Institute for its ability to develop creativity in children, with features that include:

  • 6 brushed aluminum tubes
  • for indoor or outdoor use
  • 44 inch overall length

Your Woodstock Windsinger Chime has been made from very thick-walled aluminum tubes. The extra thickness helps to give your chime its exceptional sound quality, but it also makes it very heavy. You should also take into consideration the stress added due to the motion of the chime when its playing.

Chimes of Athena 4.5 lbs.