Woodstock Chimes of Venus - Bronze - DCB58

Woodstock Chimes


The Woodstock Chimes of Venus is the lowest tone of all Woodstock Chimes "planet" chimes.

Part of Woodstocks Encore Collection, the Chimes of Venus have a great sound, a great look and, best of all, is a great value! Because all Encore Collection chimes are tuned to an ancient pentatonic scale, they all sound great together.

Listen to the Woodstock Chimes of Venus here.

The Woodstock Chimes of Venus was selected by The Creativity Institute for its ability to develop creativity in children, with features that include:

  • Black and cherry finish ash wood

    Nine silver anodized aluminum tubes

  • For indoor or outdoor use

  • Overall length 54 inches

  • If you own multiple Woodstock Chimes, you can create an environment

    of sound all your own. Check out our Chimes Synergy and Mood Guide page to find out which other tunings would harmonize beautifully with yours.

Enjoy your Woodstock Chimes for many years to