Woodstock Chimes HWL Heroic Windbell - Large - Verdigris

Woodstock Chimes


09The Woodstock Chimes Heroic Windbell is a handcrafted steel bell with a contemporary charm and a great tone. The The Woodstock Chimes Heroic Windbell has bold tones and rustic design that will add a touch of charm to the home or garden. The Heroic Windbell can be used to call the kids in for supper, or as an alternative doorbell for your home.

Listen to the Woodstock Chimes Heroic Windbell here.

  • Overall length: 40" (How chime length is measured)
  • 6 in. Diameter

  • Verdigris finish steel, verdigris finish aluminum windcatcher, black finish ash wood clapper.

A quality Woodstock Chimes musical art instrument.