Wesco The First Sensory Activity Play Center


SKU: WE-20143


The First Sensory Activity Play Center is from Wescos Tiny Tot Module series. This soft activities climber is motor skills equipment is designed for guided or undirected educational activities, or activities directed by qualified professionals. The First Sensory Activity Play Center is a multi-textured, multi-colored climber for infants and toddlers.

The six-piece Sensory Activity Play Center includes a mirrored quarter cube, multiple-texture half-cube, multiple-texture quarter-cube, mirrored trapezium and two square mats. Floor space required is 60" x 40".

Tiny Tot Mirrored Quarter Cube measures 20 x 20 and is 5 high. The 5 high Wesco Quarter Cube has a mirrored cover with synthetic mirrors surrounded by a securely sown bias binding. These synthetic mirrors are flexible and safe. These attractive mirrors reflect the light and let children play with their reflection and become familiar with their own appearance. The unit has an anti-slip base.

Tiny Tot Multi-Textures Activity Half Cube measures 20" on each side x 10" high. The different textures stimulate the childs sense of touch. The four colors are four different textured fabrics including satin, polyester, polycotton and terry. The textile elements are an attractive source of sensory stimulation.

Tiny Tot Multi-Textures Activity Quarter Cube measures 20" on each side x 5" high.

Tiny Tot Mirror Activity Trapezium measures 20 x 20 with a maximum height of 10

Two Tiny Tot Square Mats each measure 20 x 20 and are 2 thick.

These multi-textured pieces in this series are actually Wesco Tiny Tot vinyl modules with special activity covers.

  • The underlying Tiny Tot foam modules are covered in jersey-lined vinyl sewn with a hardwearing nylon thread for improved softness and to prevent friction burns.

  • These sewn modules do not have zippers in order to avoid injury to children.

  • Tiny Tot vinyl modules can be easily cleaned with soapy water.

  • All of the modules covers have Velcro fastenings and can be easily removed to be washed on the surface can be removed making them ultra-hygienic.

  • All modules have a non-slip bottom surface.

  • The Tiny Tot mirror modules can only be surface washed.

  • The multiple-texture modules can be washed at 86-degrees F.

  • Wesco Tiny Tot Modules meet Fire retardancy Standards (CAL TB 117) and are Phthalate free.

The Wesco First Sensory Activity Play Center is recommended for ages 3 months through 3 years.