Wesco 38560 ALFRESCO Bridge KIT


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Wesco 38560 ALFRESCO KIT Bridge

Wesco ALFRESCO KIT Bridge is from Wesco's Alfresco range, a collection of fun colorful shapes made of sturdy, durable plastic. The Wesco Bridge Alfresco Kit features include:

        • Consists of 3 pieces: 1 slot-in tunnel, 1 straight beam, 1 wave beam.
        • Floor Space: 110''x24''
        • Made from plastic.
        • For indoor and outdoor use.
        • Supplied with teaching instructions.
        • Phthalate-free.
        • 3-year guarantee.

        About the Wesco Alfresco range

        Wesco's "Alfresco" blocks are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. They are very easy to put together in many different combinations. Alfresco blocks are designed to be compatible with Wesco foam modules and can be combined to create more interesting play spaces. Alfresco features include:

        • Allow children to develop their motor skills and balance, improve self-confidence and encourage initiative.
        • Safe - For added safety, the blocks in this range have no sharp edges.
        • Strong - The blocks in the Alfresco range are sturdy and will support the weight of several children or an adult.
        • Light - The blocks are light and can be moved by children.
        • Hygenic Alfresco blocks are easy to clean and can be disinfected
        • Simple to assemble The blocks link together easily without the need for additional connection parts.
        • The Alfresco Range is a series of motor skills equipment that can be used for educational activities which are supervised, either for free play or games organized by a qualified professional.

        The Alfresco Bridge Kit is a quality Wesco educational toy.