Simplay3 Big River and Roads Water Play Table


SKU: SP-22101R-01

Simplay3 Big River and Roads Water Play Table

The Simplay3 Big River and Roads Water Play Table includes tracks for vehicles to drive up and down hills and all around the surface, two working, moveable bridges, winding waterways with an open water pool, 9 fun accessories and plenty of room for friends. The Simplay3 Big River and Roads Water Play Table features include:

  • In & out table shape makes it easy for many children to play collaboratively, and also for each individual child to reach all of the interior spaces.
  • Great for learning STEM concepts and building communication, cooperative, imaginative and problem solving skills through water play.
  • 9 accessories including four toy boats, two vehicles, two pouring cups and a water wheel for fun pouring, spinning, driving and boating play.
  • Accepts an umbrella with a 7/8" diameter pole (not included).
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy to clean, sanitize and drain with the handy drain plug.
  • Designed and made in the USA.
  • Recommended Age     1-1/2 and up
  • Minimal adult assembly required
  • Weight     24 lbs.
  • Height     14 in.
  • Width     29 in.
  • Length     44.5 in.
  • Accommodates many children and offers lots of opportunities to navigate on land and sea, up and down steep valley ramps, through winding canals and under bridges for maximum water table fun.
  • Featuring 4 toy boats and boat docks, two moveable bridges, 2 pouring cups, a water tower with spinning water wheel, 2 toy cars and many pathways for both boats and cars to travel.

Learning through Water Play
Let them splash, fill, pour and play! Practice filling the buckets and watch the water flow through the water wheel; learn water words like puddle, drip, flow and spin; talk about waves and currents, sinking or floating boats and the gravity that pulls toy cars down the hill. A fun STEM learning experience in the power of water and the science of momentum!

The River & Roads Water Play Table is the biggest water table you can buy. At the same time, it was designed with plenty of opportunities and in & out spaces for kids to have full access to all parts of the table. It can also come inside for sensory play when the weather turns colder.


A quality Simplay3 educational toy.