RoomMates Toy Story 3 XL Spray and Stick Wall Mural 6' x 10.5' - JL1204M

RoomMates Peel and Stick


RoomMates Toy Story 3 XL Wall Mural 6' x 10.5'


All your childrens favorite Toy Story characters have come to stay! This RoomMates Toy Story XL wall mural features all those popular Toy Story characters including Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie, and more.

NOTE: The RoomMates Toy Story 3 XL Wall Mural is not a peel and stick product. It is prepasted and water-activated.RoomMates XL Murals are printed on a prepasted material called Surestrip. XL Murals are easy to remove, but are not reusable or repositionable after installation is complete. See the demonstration video at th bottom of this page.

RoomMates XL murals are applied easily, just like wallpaper, and make HUGE statements on walls. To install, simply dip each prepasted strip in warm water, then bring it to the wall. Please note that XL wall murals are not repositionable.

The RoomMates Toy Story 3 XL Wall Mural is the perfect compliment to any Toy Story fan's bedroom! It pairs perfectly with any of the other coordinates in RoomMates' Toy Story collection, including fun wallpaper, borders, and wall decals.

  • Non-repositionable
  • 7 panels
  • Hi-def graphics
  • Easy to install and remove
  • RoomMates are proudly made in the USA

XL Murals are a bit different than other RoomMates products. Instead of using RoomMates' proprietary peel & stick technology, RoomMates XL Murals are printed on a revolutionary prepasted material called Surestrip, which makes it much easier to install large wall graphics. Each mural arrives in a roll, and separates into either 7 or 10 panels (depending on the size of your mural). To apply, just dip each panel in lukewarm water, then apply it to the wall. Smooth the strip with a light brush and repeat with the next sequentially-numbered strip. Your mural goes up in only minutes, certainly faster than if you were to paint the same surface!

RoomMates XL Murals remove easily, too! Simply pick two corners and start pulling off the wall. Each strip will remove in seconds, and in full strips--no tools needed! (Howe'ver, please note that RoomMates XL murals are not re-usable or repositionable after complete installation.

Watch this demonstration video about how easy to install RoomMates XL Murals.