Maxim 145 Piece Wooden Train Set - 50226


SKU: MX-50226-DS

Maxim 145 Piece Wooden Train Set - 50226


This 145-piece hardwood train set has enough pieces to create new track layouts every time they play. The Maxim 145 Piece Wooden Train Set was selected by The Creativity Institute for its ability to develop creativity in children, with features that include:

  • Roundhouse and switchtrack, bridges, buildings, scenery, even roadway with cars and trucks
  • Setup instructions included.
  • Made from 100% hardwoods.
  • Compatible with Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway, Brio and other fine Wooden Train Sets and Accessories.
  • Backed by Maxim's Enterprises 90-day product guarantee.
  • Layout dimensions as shown are approximately: 47" L X 32" W
  • For ages 3 and up.


The 145-Piece Wooden Train Set is a quality Maxim wooden educational toy.