Maple Landmark Original Midget Railway Wooden Toy Train - 71050

Maple Landmark

SKU: ML-71050

Maple Landmark Midget Railway wooden trains are the same scale as the Maple Landmark Scoots - larger than NameTrains and smaller than MY Trains. The wooden train cars connect with "string and peg" and each has independent wheels that allow for easy going on most floor surfaces. These smaller wooden trains are great fun for small hands. The six-car wooden train is 25" long. Wooden cars include the Engine, Coal Car, Lemonade Car, Ice Cream Car, the popular Chocolate Pudding Car and Caboose. Each Midget Railway car comes with a string and peg for easy hitch ons and offs. Great for creative pretend play.

These Maple Landmark Classic wooden toy vehicles are crafted from responsibly harvested hardwoods making them a truly natural and durable wooden toy. All the colors and details are done with non-toxic paints and finishes. These are classic heirloom wooden toys designed for years of unending imaginative play.

Maple Landmark proudly crafts a collection of award-winning wooden toys that provide enriching developmental experiences for children. Growing imaginations benefit from basic small-motor manipulation and playing at construction skills. Tactile and spatial experiences help to provide a well-rounded atmosphere as children grow.

Maple Landmark wooden building blocks and other wooden toys are made in the USA by the craftsmen at the Maple Landmark wood-working shop in Middlebury, Vermont. The hallmark of Maple Landmark is high quality woodenware with attention to safety and environmental impact. This has been the case since Maple Landmark was founded in 1979, in Lincoln, Vermont.

Maple Landmark designs their wooden educational toys to provide the best in hands-on learning and exploration. Even in this electronic world, children still enjoy developing basic manipulation and construction skills that Maple Landmark wooden building blocks and back-to-basics toys provide .

Recommended for ages three and over.

Quality Maple Landmark wooden educational toys. American Made to American Standards.

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