Hubbard Scientific Orbiter

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Hubbard Scientific Orbiter

The Hubbard Scientific Orbiter is a scientific working model representing the sun, earth, and moon and their relationships. It is designed to demonstrate basic earth and moon motions and to explain the causes of day and night, seasons, and phases of the moon.

Basic Investigations with the Orbiter are:
How the earths rotation causes day and night.
How the earths revolution around the sun and the tilt of its axis causes seasons.
Why the sun rises in the east and sets in the west
Why there is a midnight sun.
Why there are eclipses and more.
Numerous study project and experiments may be conducted with Orbiters to expand interest and increase knowledge of the subject. Several ideas and projects are suggested.

Made in the USA.

Special Notice: The arm, the Earth and the Moon of this orbiter rotate manually around the Sun.This is not a gear-driven model. The tilt of the Earth is kept in a static position as it is rotated.