Guidecraft Jumbo Weaving Frames


SKU: G5081

Guidecraft Jumbo Weaving Frames G5081

With the Guidecraft Jumbo Weaving Frames children 3 and up can experiment with colors, patterning, layering and emotional expression using 3 oversized geometric frames with inset strings and textured, colorful ribbons.The Guidecraft Jumbo Weaving Frames features include:

  • Jumbo Weaving Frames include 3 oversized geometric frames with inset strings to weave assorted colorful, textural ribbons.
  • Children can experiment with layering, patterns, emotional expression, and abstract pictures within the square, circular, and triangular frames.
  • Creativity cards are included to aid teachers in fun classroom activities, working individually or in small groups.
  • Begin with simple concepts and advance to more complex layering and creative, tactile designs.
  • The chunky wooden frames feature reinforced corners for added durability in preschool environments.
  • Triangle measures approx. 16″W x 14″H x 1.25″D. Square measures approx. 14″W x 14″H x 1.25″D. Circle measures approx. 13″Dia. x 1.25″D. Ages 3+.
  • The Jumbo Weaving Frames set includes a square frame, triangle frame and a circle frame and multi-fabric strips for tactile, fine-motor activities
  • Textured ribbons provide tactile exploration while weaving and patterning
  • Set includes 15 large, double-sided weaving activity cards with example designs and corresponding inspiration
  • Material - wooden frames and string with assorted ribbons