"Green Anole" from GulfAlive

The Banana Plant

SKU: QGA-Anole

GulfAlive- This kids' music CD is a homegrown, fun-filled songfest from The Banana Plant that brings to life the creatures, culture and character of the Louisiana Gulf Region. The GulfAlive children's music CD lets children get to know some exciting friends and flavors of the Gulfspiced just right with the musical styles of the area - New Orleans funk, Cajun waltzes, island rhythms and more.

A portion of the proceeds generated by the sale of this CD benefits Gulf Coast restoration.

GulfAlive Celebrating Gulf Creatures & Features, The Banana Plant, The Banana Plant LLC., 2010; $9.95 CD, Coloring Book $4.95, Together $13.95; www.thebananaplant.com. A celebration and exultation of the myriad and diverse wildlife and sea-life that inhabit the Gulf a jambalaya of musical styles enrich the edutainment value, and, a portion of sales benefit the Gulf Coast restoration. A win-win. John Wood, Kidzmusic.com