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Goffengel Workshop Rocket to Pluto Pop-Up Photo Album

Flash! The Plutoians are attacking! The Goffengel Workshop Rocket to Pluto Pop-Up Photo Album is a photograph album, a pop-up book and a space adventure all in one. Children can follow Space Cadet Bill as he rockets through the solar system to save the earth from the mad Plutoians, seeking vengeance because Pluto no longer has planet status.

The amazing Goffengel Workshop Rocket to Pluto Pop-Up Photo Album holds 32 4 x 6 landscape photographs on five thematic pop-up spreads. Each photograph frame is double layered like a small book, allowing for two photographs to be inserted into each one. The top photograph when lifted reveals the one beneath it. And waiting inside each frame are little hidden surprise pop-ups.

This pop-up photograph album comes packed in a hard-sided slipcase that will protect it for years to come. What better way to celebrate the photos everyone loves to see with an equally delightful album.

From the Goffengel collection of extraordinary paper pop-up creations.


The Goffengel Workshop was founded by Oregon artist Mark Goff. After a career as a costume designer, Mark turned his talents to designing "paper engineered" products that would extend the use of pop-ups beyond their current traditional uses in books, cards, and in advertising.

Goffengel Workshop's goal is to take Pop-up out of the hands of children and put it in the hands of adults who are the true admirers of the craftsmanship and the creativity involved in the design and production of these unique works of art.

More about the Goffengel Workshop Rocket to Pluto Pop-Up Photo Album

Just inside the cover of thewe find ourselves in space bound city, just somewhere north of Toledo. From here the Earth is launching its final stand against the threat of Plutonians. Small rockets launch themselves as the frames are opened.

On page two we meet our hero, Biff! He's here to save the day, while large stars burst out of the photo frames.

Biff has made his way to Pluto on page three ans spots the Plutonian ships. A mad chase around the planet ensues! Hiding inside the photo frames are more threatening flying saucers.

As page four opens we meet them...the mad Plutonians! Surrounding their 3-dimensional flying saucer, they look somewhat more friendly and adorable than we were led to believe. As the photo frame is opened we see Biff coming to meet them!

Finally on page five Biff and the leader of the Plutonians shake hands and both worlds are saved! This page also contains 11 small round photo frames that allow your photos to actually become part of the pop-up art. More Plutonians wait to greet you inside the photo frames.

The pop-up Rocket to Pluto photograph album is a great gift for any explorer you know, to display photographs of all their adventures.