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Goffengel Workshop Christmas Pop-Up Photo Album

What better way to say "I love you" at holiday time than the gift of an amazing feat of paper engineering stuffed full of pictures of loved ones.

This album holds 38 4" x 6" landscape photographs. Each photograph frame is double layered like a small book allowing for two photographs to be inserted into each one. The top photograph is lifted up to reveal the one underneath. Waiting inside of each frame are little hidden surprise pop-ups.

This pop-up photograph album comes packed in a hard-sided slipcase that will protect it for years to come. What better way to celebrate the photos everyone loves to see with an equally delightful album.

From the Goffengel collection of extraordinary paper pop-up creations.


The Goffengel Workshop was founded by Oregon artist Mark Goff. After a career as a costume designer, Mark turned his talents to designing "paper engineered" products that would extend the use of pop-ups beyond their current traditional uses in books, cards, and in advertising.

Goffengel Workshop's goal is to take Pop-up out of the hands of children and put it in the hands of adults who are the true admirers of the craftsmanship and the creativity involved in the design and production of these unique works of art.

More about the Goffengel Workshop Christmas Pop-Up Photo Album

What seems like a gazillion Snowmen leap up off of each page doing things that only Christmas Snowmen do. Here on the first page we find the magical snowmen putting the star on top of their very own Christmas tree. More Snowmen wait inside the photo frames with ornaments ready.

Next on page two we catch those rascally snowmen at their secret task...ice fishing for presents! (now you too know where Christmas presents really come from, don't tell anyone!). Presents abound underneath the top photos.

Skating on the frozen pond is the theme of page three. Two merry snowmen pivot and spin their days away. A Snowman on ice skates swings out when the photo frame is opened.

Page four finds two adorable snowmen trying to catch the Christmas snow. 15 small photograph frames are worked into the art work allowing your pictures to become part of the artwork.

And finally stepping in for the eight reindeer and pulling Santa Snowmans sleigh are of course eight snow deer with sticks stuck in their hats as antlers. Open a photo frame and you'll find the man himself, Santa Snowman!

The Pop-up Christmas album is the perfect, fun, whimsical gift for that person who has everything because it is the first of its kind. No one can resist this adorable book with its snowy cover and hard sided slipcase that will protect it for years to come.