Get Ready Kids Puppets Zoo Set #1 - Rhino & Zebra & Giraffe and Lion

Get Ready Kids

SKU: GR-9009


From Get Ready Kids - The PlushPups Zoo Set #1 includes a Rhino, Zebra, Lion and Giraffe zoo animal hand puppets.
The moving-arm hand puppets in The PlushPups Zoo Set #1 are 10 inches tall. PlushPups Puppets are made of durable fabrics and machine washable.
Quality PlushPups Hand Puppets from Get Ready Kids.

There are any number of puppet shows for kids that can be performed with these different hand puppet characters, based on your own ideas, your favorite stories, real experiences, lessons to share, even movies and TV shows.

Puppet Show Scripts and Script Ideas

A supply of puppet show scripts to perform keeps children interested and is wonderful for their creative development. Here's a list of places to find other puppet show script material.
Add a puppet stage and complete the performance!
Check out our puppet theaters and puppet stages, and our combos that group puppets and puppet stages for extra savings. A puppet stage is a curtained, framed opening that conceals the children who are manipulating the puppets during the puppet show. Our selection of puppet theaters and stages comes in a variety of sizes and prices.

Puppets and puppet theaters are categories of educational toys that are well suited to children with ADHD.