Get Ready Kids Life Cycle of a Butterfly Puppet Show Set - 507

Get Ready Kids

SKU: GR-507

The Puppet Partners Life Cycle of a Butterfly puppet show set dramatizes the different forms that a caterpillar takes during its life. Casey Caterpillar is always eating. No one else eats like she does. But she learns why she is different and beautiful in the end.

The four-piece Puppet Partners Life Cycle of a Butterfly puppet show set includes a butterfly puppet, caterpillar, cocoon and egg. The included CD has a teachers guide and a prerecorded puppet play plus life cycle lesson, worksheets and color images to make additional stick puppets and props.

The butterfly is a normal hand puppet, you can put your hand in and flap the
wings. It is possible to move the butterfly's mouth, but ;this is not really a moving-mouth puppet. The caterpillar has two holes in the bottom, so you can put two fingers in and
wiggle it, but you can't manipulate the mouth. The cocoon opens and closes
so the inside is accessible. The egg has a Velcro tab that connects to another Velcro tab on the butterfly puppet.

WARNING CHOKING HAZARD. Small parts. Not for children under 3 years old.

Get Ready Kids Puppet Partners puppets are designed by puppeteers. Puppet Partner puppets are very durable, but should be treated with reasonable care. If the puppets become dirty, the surface may be washed with a damp washcloth and mild soap.

Puppet shows provide creative and fun new ways to teach the most difficult subjects and provide positive behavior support. These Get Ready Kids Puppet Partner puppet educational sets are great tools for home, school, or church. The prerecorded scripts included in them are made especially to captivate your students and teach them good health, good values, and good education.

This quality Get Ready Kids educational toy was chosen for its ability to nurture creative development in children by The Creativity Institute