Get Ready Kids Family of Four Puppets

Get Ready Kids

SKU: QGR-300-1-4-5

Puppet Partners Family of Four Half Body Puppets includes Puppet Partners Dad, Mom, Daughter Jenny and Son Joey. Great for role play, teaching values and making up imaginative stories.

Puppet Partners half-body hand puppets have movable mouths that allow for greater expression. The Puppet Partners Dad Puppet was selected by The Creativity Institute for its ability to develop creativity in children, with features that include:

  • Moving mouth
  • 16" to 18" tall
  • Made of durable fabrics that are surface washable
  • Choice of three skin tones
  • Great fun for amateur or professional puppeteers

Puppet Partners puppets are quality Get Ready Kids educational toys.

Get Ready Kids Puppet Partners puppets are designed by puppeteers. Puppet Partner puppets are very durable, but should be treated with reasonable care. If the puppets become dirty, the surface may be washed with a damp washcloth and mild soap.

This quality Get Ready Kids educational toy was chosen for its ability to nurture creative development in children by The Creativity Institute

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