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DESIGN STUDIO PRO from CLAYMODELERS.COM is the automotive design sculpture kit developed by professional clay modelers and car designers working in the car design industry. DESIGN STUDIO PRO includes everything you will need to create a 1/10 scale model of a professional car design using the same techniques professional car design studios use. All the materials in the DESIGN STUDIO PRO clay modeling kit are professional, including the modeling clay. The clay never dries out. You can use it over and over as you develop your skills. After you create your design, you can cast your model and make your own 1/10 scale model, RC car body or concept car.

DESIGN STUDIO PRO is fun, creative, and develops artistic skills. With DESIGN STUDIO PRO, you will learn real world skills used in industries such as aerospace, movie, automotive design and many other industries that use modeling clay before going into production. You'll develop modeling skills you cannot get from wood model kits or plastic model kits.

A few of the items included in your DESIGN STUDIO PRO sculpture kit are:

  • Instructional DVD
  • Professional Design Studio Styling Clay
  • Engineered Drawings
  • Custom Scale Model Armature
  • Custom Made Clay Tools
  • Car Design Renderings
  • Clay Modeling Tape
  • Wheel Decals with Plugs
Recommended for ages 13 and over.

CLAYMODELERS.COM is a developer of high-end sculpture and clay modeling products. Their goal is to create modeling kits that develop sculpture techniques in young artists and to give everyone who is intrigued by car design a true automotive design studio experience. At the same time, CLAYMODELERS.COM gives high school, college art, design school students and modeling enthusiasts a real world lesson in car design.

Watch this demonstration video on DESIGN STUDIO PRO: