Children's Factory CF332-510 Dino Mirror Duo

The Creativity Institute

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SKU: CF332-510


Children's Factory Dino Mirror Duo - Children's Factory CF332-510


Create some excitement in the play area with these two whimsical mirrors made especially for children. The Friendly T-Rex Wall Mirror and Beguiling Bronto Wall Mirror will fascinate all sizes and ages as the mirror surface reflects every mood and facial expression. These acrylic mirrors enhance self-image, discovery, and visual perception.

  • Hardware not included.
  • The Friendly T-Rex Wall Mirror measures 54" x 48".
  • The Children's Factory Beguiling Bronto Wall Mirror measures 90" x 48".
The mirrors used in Children's Factory educational toys are manufactured out of shatter-resistant acrylic. They clean easily with Pledge furniture cleaner and a soft cloth. DO NOT use ammonia based sprays or other cleaners. Pledge cleans, polishes and prolongs the life of the mirror. A great waiting room toy. Keeps children mesmerized while promoting creative exploration. These acrylic Children's mirrors are quality Children's Factory educational toys."