Beka 06120 Special Shapes 120-Piece Block Set


SKU: BK-06120

Creative Value: Building Blocks
Constructive, open-ended play

Creative opportunities:
  • Play develops as child grows from lining up to stacking to bridging to creating enclosures to thematic play.
  • Test attractiveness of structures
  • Pretend play structures
  • Demonstrates math concepts
  • Develops ability to visualize relationships
  • Demonstrates balance and gravity
  • Develops social skills
  • Helps coping with frustration
  • Builds self-esteem
  • Develops large and small motor skills
  • Develops eye-hand coordination

Beka 06120 Special Shapes 120-Piece Block Set

The Beka Special Shapes 120-Piece Block Set provides all the fun and creative potential of classic unit blocks, but in a slightly larger scale. Beka Special Shapes 120-Piece Block Set includes:
  • 16 half units, 30 units, 6 double units, 6 half pillars, 12 pillars, 6 columns, 6 Roman arches, 6 half circles, 8 small triangles, 6 large triangles, 4 double triangles, 4 half Gothic arches, 4 small buttresses and 6 quarter circles.
  • Recommended for ages one year and over.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Made of hard maple, also called hard rock maple, a popular northern tier, deciduous tree.

Beka chooses hard maple for its blocks because:

  • It has a fine and close grain structure, which reduces chances of splintering;
  • It is heavy, which adds stability to products needing to stand upright or stacked;
  • It is abrasion and dent resistant, insuring durability; it ages well, actually improving over time (woodworkers like to say hard maple products get harder and develops a fine patina over time).
  • It is a sustainably harvested, regional material for a lower carbon footprint.
  • Maple building blocks are heirloom quality, last a lifetime.

More than any other plaything, blocks are important, because a child's imagination is required to bring them to life. Building with blocks, children can create castles, roadways, playhouses, forts, space ships and so much more. When building with blocks, children also grasp basic number concepts and learn logic skills. Blocks are tools that build minds and develop unlimited imagination.

Beka Special Shapes Block Sets are a quality Beka educational toy.

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