Heavy-Duty American Athletic 48" x 72" x 16" Standard Foam Folding Wedge SDW100-1011

American Athletic

SKU: AA-SDW100-1011

American Athletic 48" x 72" x 16" Standard Foam Folding Wedge SDW100-1011


These big American Athletic Wedges are their most popular Motor Development shape. A must for teaching rolls and other basic skills. The American Athletic Wedge was selected by The Creativity Institute for its ability to develop creativity in children, with features that include:

  • High density foam covered in colorful 18 oz. vinyl.
  • Red/Royal cover.
  • Folding wedges double as spotting blocks.
  • Hook and loop fasteners.
  • Polyurethane filler.
  • Wedge measures 48" x 72" x 16" (121 x 182 x 40cm)
  • Vinyl fabric contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial compounds.
  • Vinyl covers can be washed off with soap and water.
  • Made in the USA.

American Athletic Motor Development Products

These colorful American Athletic foam-filled products promote the development of the basic fundamentals of recreational activities in a manner that is fun for all children. Children will be stimulated to expand their agility, flexibility, strength, timing and coordination. Instructors can create their own circuit to fit their specific program needs.

The 48" x 72" x 16" Standard Foam Wedge is a quality American Athletic motor development aid.

SHIPPING NOTE ON AMERICAN ATHLETIC MOTOR DEVELOPMENT AND FOAM PRODUCTS: American Athletic motor development products and other American Athletic educational toys are often made to order and may take up to four weeks before they ship. But considering all the valuable enjoyment they will bring to your child, every American Athletic product is well worth the wait.