Teaching Creativity in Homeschool

Child creativity can be inspired, encouraged, enhanced and strengthened, starting at an early age. Any level of inherent creativity can be brought out by simply allowing children to understand that options are allowed and their choices are good ones. We provide playthings with that in mind. We hand pick each toy by the specific criteria that it allows a child to confront options and make creative choices. None of our block sets go together only one way. But, we do carry blocks that can be stacked, arranged and engineered in an infinite number of ways. We carry easels and art supplies that open a world of visual creative possibilities. Musical toys that allow any level of musical exploration, from the formal to the whimsical. Dollhouses and playhouses for pretend play. Puppets and puppet theaters that a child can use to present any style, any type of production. And we have ideas on how to help them develop their own puppet shows.

Let your child be as creative as he or she can be. It's all about options.

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