Educational Baby Toys Are Lots Of Fun

By Anita Eracybab

If you don’t have a baby or haven’t had one it may be a difficult task trying to figure out what kind of gift to buy. What we are going to focus on here is a specific age group which is the best way to go about buying gifts for babies since they are changing so rapidly. Babies this age are crawling all over and some are beginning to walk so toys that they can play with in this way are especially desirable.

At this age objects are now more than just objects to look at, they now look at them as things to play with. They are also interested in interactive games and problem solving so with that in mind let’s look at some toy ideas.

First off, in keeping with the idea that babies this age are beginning to walk around a bit, push toys are a good choice. The push toys will help them keep their balance as they are learning to walk, just be sure that it has enough weight to give the baby some exercise while working on their motor skills.

Shape sorters are also good choices at this age requiring the baby to sort through shapes and solving problems of how to place one shape inside another and so on. The toys will keep a baby occupied for hours on end.

If you have a sandbox for the baby to play in, sandbox toys like buckets and shovels will be a lot of fun.

Toy telephones and computers are also great. Babies learn a lot by watching us and they will talk forever to an imaginary person on the other end of a toy phone. They love toy versions of adult items. Toy laptops that make beeping noises can be a great gift as well.

Three dimensional pop up books that foster interactivity can be very interesting to babies.

The last items on our list for now are is building blocks. Blocks will be a staple toy that babies will enjoy for years. Wooden blocks, Lincoln logs, Big Lego’s, and other similar blocks will provide hours of creative, motor skill building fun.

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