Maple Landmark Junior Builder Wooden Block Set - 41 Piece

Maple Landmark

SKU: ML-73201

Creative Value of Building Blocks
Constructive, open-ended play

Creative opportunities:
  • Play develops as child grows from lining up to stacking to bridging to creating enclosures to thematic play.
  • Testing attractiveness of structures
  • Pretend play structures
  • Demonstrates math concepts
  • Develops ability to visualize relationships
  • Demonstrates balance and gravity
  • Develops social skills
  • Helps coping with frustration
  • Builds self-esteem
  • Develops large and small motor skills
  • Develops eye-hand coordination

This Maple Landmark Junior Builder wooden building block set is from their Montgomery Schoolhouse building blocks collection. These fine quality, hard maple building blocks come in all the standard shapes you expect to see. The Maple Landmark Junior Builder building block set has 41 pieces with 11 different shapes. The base building block is 1" X 2" X 4" Each set comes in a sturdy box for storage. These building blocks are unfinished.

Maple Landmarks American-made hard maple blocks are designed on a 1" basis. The base block is 1" x 2" x 4". All other pieces are designed as multiples of the base so differing elements can be stacked to equal each other. The blocks are available in typical shapessquares, rectangles, cylinders, arches, triangles, and half circles. We offer three sets: Junior, Advanced and Mastereach with an increasing variety of block shapes, up to 21 different shapes of building blocks and an increasing quantity of blocks. Sold in a sturdy box with instructional information on creative and open-ended play.

Great for creative pretend play for children 1-1/2 years old and up. Every home, day care, and preschool should have a set of quality wooden blocks to let children explore their imaginations at any age. Maple Landmark proudly crafts award winning wooden toys that provide those much needed experiences for children. Growing imaginations benefit from basic small-motor manipulation and construction skills. Tactile and spatial experiences help to provide a well-rounded atmosphere as children grow.

Maple Landmark wooden building blocks and other wooden toys are made in the USA by the craftsmen at the Maple Landmark wood-working shop in Middlebury, Vermont. The hallmark of Maple Landmark is high quality woodenware with attention to safety and environmental impact. This has been the case since Maple Landmark was founded in 1979, in Lincoln, Vermont.

Maple Landmark designs their wooden educational toys to provide the best in hands-on learning and exploration. Even in this electronic world, children still enjoy developing basic manipulation and construction skills that Maple Landmark wooden building blocks and back-to-basics toys provide .

Quality Maple Landmark wooden educational toys. American Made to American Standards.

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