Wesco 1317 Blue Four Step


SKU: WE-1317



WESCO 1317 Four Step

      • 23.5 inches high
      • 23.5 inches wide x 34 inches long
      • Firm and comfortable foam
      • 24kg/m_ density polyether foam to last even longer over time: does not lose its shape.
      • Hygienic
      • The vinyl cover is easy to clean either with soapy water or with our product.
      • Very strong fabric
      • Coated fabric on a jersey support, stitched all round with extra strong nylon thread. This covering does not lead to friction burns.
      • Ultra-resistant seams
      • All our modules are sewn, with no fastenings, to avoid injuring children.
      • Our "embroidered" stitching seals the modules, and prevents children from getting inside them.
      • M2 fire retardant fabric
      • Color; LIGHT BLUE/BLUE
      • Fitted with an anti-slip base
      • Crawl, straddle, jump, children will improve their balance
      • Develops self-confidence, initiative and trust
      • Foam educational motor skills equipment