Gwynn's Fables 5 Animal Puppets and Puppet Show Scripts - Set 2

Get Ready Kids

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Here's a cast of five hand puppets and four accompanying puppet show scripts that are ready to start performing as soon as they arrive. Due to the popularity of our original adaptations of Aesop's Fables stories for the puppet stage, The Creativity Institute writers have developed four new original "Gwynn's Fables" puppet show scripts in the same style. These are easy-to-read, easy-to-perform scripts, each of which communicates an important "moral" lesson to children.

These puppet show scripts have parts for from two to four puppets, and some require the voice of an additional off-stage narrator. Depending on their ability, some children may be able to perform more than one role in the same puppet show.

The hand puppets in this set are a 12-inch moving-mouth Horse, Cow, Mouse, Monkey and Duck hand puppets from Get Ready Kids, maker of quality hand puppets for children. All puppets are surface washable and made of durable fabrics. Children will love exploring the different puppet mouth movements and puppet facial expressions they can achieve on these moving-mouth puppets. It's an educational toy you can have fun with as soon as it arrives.

The puppet show scripts in this package are all child-friendly stories. There is no violence and no one gets eaten. The four stories in this package are:

"First Things First (Don't Procrastinate)", which demonstrates the disadvantages of procrastination. Although the other animals keep encouraging their friend the monkey to join them in building sleds, the monkey chooses to put it off, and then isn't ready when the snow falls.

"Fair Offers (Cooperation)" about the value of cooperation. The animals realize that a fair in a neighboring town takes place too soon for them to travel to, unless they all pitch in using their individual talents and capabilities. The set of scripts includes a two and four-puppet version of this script. "Out of the Box (Imagination)" about using your imagination. Four different animals come across an empty box, and each recognizes a different use for it.

"Trading Places (Look Before you Leap)" demonstrates the reason to consider the possible outcomes before you agree to something and to be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. The horse hears about the attractive features of the mouse's house and insists they trade, sight unseen, only to later discover how small it is.

Also included with these puppet show scripts is a set of puppet show stage directions that The Creativity Institute put together to help parents and children stage more professional and enjoyable puppet shows, such as tips on moving mouths (almost everybody does it backwards), simulating walking, etc.


There are any number of puppet shows for kids that can be performed with these different hand puppet characters, based on your own ideas, your favorite stories, real experiences, lessons to share, even movies and TV shows.

Puppet Show Scripts and Script Ideas

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About the author.
, founder of The Creativity Institute, is a career advertising writer and creative director, Grammy nominated songwriter/musician and parent of two creative children. In creating these scripts, she has focused her talents on delighting children while including educational value.