Get Ready Kids 503 "Making Healthy Choices" Puppets & Recorded Scripts

Get Ready Kids

SKU: GR-503

Puppet Partners "Making Healthy Choices" Puppet Show Set includes three puppets, two prerecorded puppet scripts and materials to help teach children about nutrition and eating healthy.

In one prerecorded puppet show script, a friendly chef helps children learn to make healthy nutrition choices. In a second script, Kate, an active girl who eats healthy foods, encourages Tyler, a video game couch potato junk food fan, to eat right and feel better about himself.

This puppet show script set comes with:

  • Three moving-mouth puppets
  • A CD with two prerecorded scripts with music
  • Teachers guide with discussion ideas
  • Black line masters for eight food puppets.

The Get Ready Kids Puppet Partner puppets are designed by puppeteers. Puppet Partners moving-mouth puppets easily fit both adult and children hands. The mouths have finger straps that allow excellent control. Puppet Partner puppets are very durable, but should be treated with reasonable care. If the puppets become dirty, the surface may be washed with a damp washcloth and mild soap.

These educational puppet show script sets provide creative and fun new ways to teach the most difficult subjects and provide positive behavior support. These Get Ready Kids Puppet Partner puppet educational sets are great tools for home, school, or church. The prerecorded scripts included in them are made especially to captivate your students and teach them good health, good values, and good education.

This quality Get Ready Kids educational toy was chosen for its ability to nurture creative development in children by The Creativity Institute