Puppet Show Script "The Frog and the Alligator" PDF DOWNLOAD

Creativity Institute


Here's a puppet show script that's ready for children to enjoy. This puppet show script is based on the Aesop's Fable story of "The Lion and the Mouse," but features characters from the Gulf South.
Script is written for two puppets: a Frog and an Alligator, but could be adapted to other puppets. The puppet show also uses the voice of an off-stage narrator, which could be a parent or child. Puppet show length is approximately 2 1/2 - 3 minutes.

This puppet show script is adapted especially for the puppet stage by The Creativity Institute founders, who are veteran career advertising writers and parents. The "moral of the story" of the fable is clearly brought out in this contemporary, original, humorous adaptation. The moral of "The Frog and the Alligator" demonstrates that little friends may prove to be true friends.

Also included with this puppet show script is a set of puppet show stage directions that The Creativity Institute put together to help parents and children stage more professional and enjoyable puppet shows, such as simulating walking, etc.


About the author.
Gwynn Torres, founder of The Creativity Institute, is a career advertising writer and creative director, Grammy nominated songwriter/musician and parent of two creative children. In creating these scripts, she has focused her talents on delighting children while including educational value.