Aesop's Fables Lion and the Mouse Puppets and Puppet Show Script

Get Ready Kids

SKU: QGR-204_207SC

Creative Value: Puppets
Open-ended dramatic play

Creative opportunities:
  • Child can make up and act out stories, brief sentences, punch lines
  • Explore character voices
  • Experiment with different movements of the puppets
  • Musical expression through singing
  • Encourages use of imagination
  • Child receives feedback to performance
  • Child experiences and learns pretend play
  • Freedom to express inner feelings
  • Builds understanding of viewpoints of others
  • Aid in overcoming shyness
This two-puppet set is ready to perform the puppet show of Aesop's Fables "The Lion and the Mouse." The hand puppets included in this Aesop's Fable Puppet Starter Set are 12-inch moving-mouth Lion and moving-mouth Mouse hand puppets from PlushPups. Puppets are surface washable and made of durable fabrics. Children will love exploring the different puppet mouth movements and puppet facial expressions they can achieve on these moving-mouth puppets. It's an educational toy you can have fun with as soon as it arrives.
Quality PlushPups Puppets educational toys from Get Ready Kids.
This puppet show script is adapted especially for the puppet stage by The Creativity Institute founders, who are veteran career advertising writers and parents. The "moral" of this Aesop's Fables puppet show script is clearly brought out through this contemporary, original adaptation.

Also included with this puppet show script is a set of puppet show stage directions that The Creativity Institute put together to help parents and children stage more professional and enjoyable puppet shows, such as tips on moving mouths (almost everybody does it backwards), simulating walking, etc.


In addition to the puppet script provided, there are any number of puppet shows for kids that can be performed with these same puppet characters, based on your own ideas, your favorite stories, real experiences, lessons to share, even movies and TV shows.

About the author.
, founder of The Creativity Institute, is a career advertising writer and creative director, Grammy nominated songwriter/musician and parent of two creative children. In creating these scripts, she has focused her talents on delighting children while including educational value.