Children's Factory Right Angle Corner Big Screens PlayPanel-BLUE - SALE!

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SKU: CF900-533B

Children's Factory Right Angle Corner Big Screens Panel - BLUE - Children's Factory CF900-533B


This two-panel, right-angle configuration of Children's Factory's Big Screens is available on our site in any of four different colors, but this item will order the blue one. A handy 90-degree angle room screen. Each side of the Children's Factory's Big Screens panel is 4 feet by 5 feet. Use Children's Factory's Big Screens to create separate dramatic play or housekeeping area. Use Big Screens to screen off rest-time activities or use 2 opposite each other and create four separate room spaces. With these big 4-foot x 5-foot Children's Factory's Big Screens you can build your own discovery and activity centers. Recommended for ages 4 months and up. Quality Children's Factory educational toys.