Children's Factory CF900-924 Big Screen PlayPanel - Sky Blue - SALE

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Children's Factory CF900-924 Big Screen PlayPanel (Play Panel) - Sky Blue

  • Children's Factory Cozy Woodland Play Panels are a great way to divide a room or add a touch or color.
  • Fashion your own Children's Factory PlayPanel set by ordering individual PlayPanels in any color you like.
  • Cozy Woodland Big Screen PlayPanel is 48" x 60".
  • The Cozy Woodland Collection features soft earth-tone colors.
  • Children's Factory PlayPanels are hygienic, cleanable vinyl-covered nylon surfaces stretched upon polystyrene durable fittings.
  • Each Children's Factory PlayPanel comes with two plastic Double Claw Clips that can be used to hold adjacent PlayPanels in place.
OPTIONAL CANTILEVER LEGS. Molded, weighted plastic Children's Factory Cantilever Legs insure stability. Order separately. OPTIONAL WALL MOUNTING ATTACHMENT. Mounts Children's Factory PlayPanels securely to walls. Order separately. Quality Children's Factory educational toys.