Children's Factory CF332-154 Self TV Star Mirror

Children's Factory

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Children's Factory Self TV Star Mirror - Children's Factory CF332-154


Primary color version. Also available in pastel colors. Acrylic mirror screen makes 6 months old infants through toddler 3s their own star. Crushable corners for comfort. Perfect for pulling up and self-esteem. 18" high. Perfect for infant/toddler image cognition, speech therapy or just making funny faces! The mirrors used in Children's Factory educational toys are manufactured out of shatter-resistant acrylic. They clean easily with Pledge furniture cleaner and a soft cloth. DO NOT use ammonia based sprays or other cleaners. Pledge cleans, polishes and prolongs the life of the mirror. Quality Children's Factory educational toys.

SHIPPING NOTE ON CHILDREN'S FACTORY PRODUCTS: Children's Factory educational toys for babies and preschoolers are fabricated at the Children's Factory manufacturing plant in St. Louis, Missouri and may take FOUR WEEKS before they ship. But considering all the fun and creative benefits they will bring to your child, every Children's Factory educational toy is well worth the wait.