Hubbard Scientific Illuminated Orbiter

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Hubbard Scientific Illuminated Orbiter

This Illuminated Orbiter can demonstrate the rotation of the Moon around the Earth and the Earth around the Sun. The Hubbard Scientific Illuminated Orbiter features include:

This model can be plugged into a standard wall outlet (UL approved 6 power cord) to illuminate the Sun to effectively demonstrate daylight, night, seasons, and phases of the Moon.
The Sun, Earth and Moon manually revolve around one another on this gear-driven model.
The Earth and Moon are shown in true scale. The scale is 1 inch = 2000 miles. The Sun is not to scale, however. If the Sun were to be shown at the same scale, it would be approximately 36 feet in diameter!
Arm is 15", Sun is 6", and the Earth is 4" in diameter. This 8 page Lesson Plan includes basic investigations and activities on the following topics: Day and Night, The Seasons, The Moon, Observations and Activities
Product Dimensions 25.5" X16"X10.50"
Made in the USA
Special Notice: The arm of this orbiter manually rotates around the Sun while the Earth rotates mechanically in the same direction as the arm.
For grades 3 and over, for ages 8 and over

A quality educational toy from American Educational Products.