Guidecraft G2111B Unit Blocks Set B - 56 Piece Set


SKU: G2111B

Creative Value of Building Blocks
Constructive, open-ended play

Creative opportunities:
  • Play develops as child grows from lining up to stacking to bridging to creating enclosures to thematic play.
  • Testing attractiveness of structures
  • Pretend play structures
  • Demonstrates math concepts
  • Develops ability to visualize relationships
  • Demonstrates balance and gravity
  • Develops social skills
  • Helps coping with frustration
  • Builds self-esteem
  • Develops large and small motor skills
  • Develops eye-hand coordination

Guidecraft G2111B Unit Blocks Set B - 56 Piece Set

These Guidecraft Unit Blocks arent just fun, but they let children develop fine motor skills, early engineering concepts, spatial thinking, problem solving and STEM concepts. The Guidecraft Unit Blocks Set B - 56 Piece Set features include:

  • 56 pieces total: 16 unit blocks, 6 _ unit blocks, 4 double unit blocks, 4 triangles, 4 small cylinders, 6 pillars, 6 small triangles, 2 _ pillars, 2 _ cylinder, 2 _ small circle, 2 roman arches, and 2 roof boards
  • Smooth-sanded rubberwood pieces encourage young builders to create buildings, bridges, and so many other structures
  • Complements Block Science Foundation Set A
  • Children can explore geometric and engineering builds while developing their fine motor, spatial thinking, and problem-solving skills through open-ended quality block play
  • Ages 3+
  • Made with smooth-sanded durable rubberwood

Quality Guidecraft educational toys.

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