Children's Factory CF005-005 Set of Five Toddler Cots

Children's Factory

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Children's Factory Set of Five Toddler Cots - Children's Factory CF005-005


These Children's Factory Rest Time Toddler Cots come with a 7-Year Guarantee. Children's Factory Toddler Cots combine the best of new technology, with heavy-duty powder-coated steel pipes. One-piece molded industrial strength ends are rounded for comfort. Stable low profile. All bed seams are heat sealed by radio frequency welding to eliminate tears or loose threads. Moisture proof beds are woven from vinyl-coated heavy-duty polyester for long use. Round leg is designed to nest with most other cots. Anti-skid Cats Paw (Sanoprene rubber) for anti-skid traction. Cots are stackable when not in use. The Children's Factory Toddler Cot measures 21-1/4" X 43-1/2" X 5".

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