Children's Factory CF321-615 Big Blocks Set A - 21 Soft Module Blocks

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Children's Factory Big Blocks Set A - 21 Oversized Soft Module Blocks - Children's Factory CF321-615

Creative Value of Building Blocks
Constructive, open-ended play

Creative opportunities:
  • Play develops as child grows from lining up to stacking to bridging to creating enclosures to thematic play.
  • Testing attractiveness of structures
  • Pretend play structures
  • Demonstrates math concepts
  • Develops ability to visualize relationships
  • Demonstrates balance and gravity
  • Develops social skills
  • Helps coping with frustration
  • Builds self-esteem
  • Develops large and small motor skills
  • Develops eye-hand coordination




The Children's Factory Big Blocks Set A is twenty-one 12"-thick oversized blocks that provide an endless variation of building possibilities - perfect for designing buildings or structures large enough that a child can crawl in and under. Includes the 21 pieces in the diagram at left, not everything in the picture.

  • Blocks are foam covered in vinyl.
  • These oversized building blocks inspire children to construct things cooperatively and bring their imaginative designs to a sizable scale.
  • Many distinct shapes.
  • Ageless. Babies and toddlers, 3s, 5s and adult helpers all can play together.
  • The scale of these building blocks makes them perfect for group play, classroom, day care and waiting rooms, too.

Children's Factory educational toys use only the best materials available.

Children's Factory Quality

Children's Factory manufactures all of the products we carry in their plant in St. Louis, Missouri. All Children's Factory Big Blocks Sets and All Children's Factory educational toys for preschoolers meet California TB117 Fire Retardant Standards. No lead or latex is used in these products. Children's Factory uses virgin (not previously used) materials to ensure top quality. The outside covering is made of 14-oz. nylon reinforced vinyl - a laminate product manufactured with a top and bottom layer sandwiched around a high tensile strength nylon scrim. It is washable with a bleach/water solution and is highly resistant to tearing. The inside core of Children's Factory's foam products is virgin urethane foam that meets all environmental and California Fire Code Requirements. Children's Factory buys these quality materials in large quantity and fabricates all pieces in their own plant under exacting quality control standards. Read about the child development value of wooden and oversized building blocks here.

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