Beka Second Side Paper Roll Ability - Paper Hanger, Cutter & Two Rolls


SKU: QBK-4101-3203-04201

This Beka accessory lets you have the ability to use paper rolls on both sides of a Beka Paper-Holder Easel, so that two children can create art at the same time. This four-piece set includes the paper hanger to support the paper roll, the paper cutter to hold the paper flat on the second side, and two rolls of Beka Art Paper.

How it works.

As Beka Paper Holder Easels already have a wooden paper holder mounted on the top of the easel, there's not room for a second paper holder to be mounted in that area. But with this four-part Paper Hanger Set, you can use the hard maple rod and cord to simply hang the second roll of art paper between the two sides of the easel where it is very easy to pull down over the top.

The extra paper cutter that comes with this set is simply a specially fitted wooden slat that can be mounted on the other side of the easel to allow the paper to slide under it, holding it flat while the child works on the paper and making it easier to tear off the finished art work.

Two rolls of Beka Art Paper is also included in this package. This paper roll is Beka's standard easel replacement paper roll, a 16 1/2" wide by 100' long paper roll. The paper is 60 pound white vellum offset paper which is used by many commercial printers. This high quality paper is suitable for a wide variety of uses.

An easily accessible place to create, draw and paint is a wonderful child development opportunity.

NOTE: BEKA paper rolls are made to fit on a 1/4" thick dowel rod, as found on Beka easels. If ordering for use on an easel made by another manufacturer, please check the dowel size.