Gonge G-2195 Mini Stilts

American Educational Products

SKU: AMEP-G-2195

American Educational Products Gonge G-2195 Mini Stilts

The Gonge G-2195 Mini Stilts were specially developed for younger children, for fun and for therapy. The Gonge G-2195 Mini Stilts features include:

  • The hard rubber handles provide a good grip that can be adapted to the height of the child.
  • Depending on how brave the child is, he or she can adjust the height of the stilts using the loose plateaus.
  • Even children can easily and safely mount or remove the plateaus.
  • The base is made of nylon; sole and handles are made of artificial rubber and the plateaus are made of plastic.
  • For ages three and over, for grades Pre-K and over

Gonge products inspire and motivate children to be physically active, as well as to learn and develop in creative ways - while having fun. Gonge products combine educational principles, beautiful design, excellent quality and the highest safety standards.

A quality Gonge educational teaching aid.